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About Us
Pastor Glassford: Teaches Bible and has a passion for presenting Christianity as an intelligent choice for high school students who are forming their own world views. The single most powerful way to do this is to open the Bible letting them see Jesus, and God's love written large one every page.

Today's Bible teacher is constantly supplied with fantastic videos, great worship music, Internet resources and splendid textbooks. But these, if not used wisely, can actually buffer students from spending time in God's Word. As a Bible marking system Light Link was developed to move God's Word back to front and center.

Students: "Pastor Glassford, we know what we believe as Christians. But if someone asked us where this stuff is taught in the Bible, we would be lost. Why don't we ever take time to mark our Bibles?"

Not a Bad Idea: Going to the local Bible book store Pastor Glassford selected a chain link reference system that was printed on a single sheet of 8.5x11 decal paper. Each student was given a sheet and pair of scissors, and the work began.

It was not long though before questions started to surface. "Pastor Glassford, what does this text have to do with the Trinity?" It became clear that the Bible marking system was a collection of text used by a trained evangelist and not really all that useful to a lay person. But what finally brought the whole project to a dead stop was the tedium of cutting out each tiny decal and the trying to seperate it from its host sheet of paper. Not one student completed the project.

A Better Idea! It occured to Pastor Glassford that plastic model cars and planes come with sheets of decals that are already pre-cut. Why couldn't the same principle work with Bible texts?

Now its Ready! After years of development and testing, Light Link is ready for you. Each individually cut decal is transparent. They are easily placed anywhere on a given page. Large study Bibles with wide margins make things easy. But vertical placement allows Light Link to be installed in the smallest pocket Bibles. Being transparent, decals may even overlap words, lines or numbering with out any compromise.



How Bible truths are anchored in both the old and new testaments.

A new confidence when answering questions or giving Bible studies.

Light Link is great for study groups, baptismal class, retreat weekends or Bible classrooms.?

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